Locations where our activities take place.
  1. Address

    701 East State Street
    Athens, OH 45701

    Sub Locations

    1. Game Area 1 (left)
    2. Game Area 2 (right) nearest the office / entrance

    Athens Community Center

    Athens Community Center is an indoor facility run by the City of Athens Arts, Parks and Recreation located on East State Street in Athens, Ohio.

  2. Address

    1 High School Road
    The Plains, OH 45780

    Sub Locations

    1. Artificial Turf Field This is the American Football field located at the front of the school next to the main entrance.
    2. Grass Soccer Field This is the practice field located at the rear of the school. If you drive past the front of the school building, there is a small lot to the right above the field.

    Athens High School

    Athens High School is located in The Plains, a few miles from uptown Athens. There are two locations at the Athens High School, an artifical turf field and a grass field behind the school.

  3. Address

    947 East State Street
    Athens, OH 45701

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 1 Field 1 is next to and runs parallel with the bike path. It is the last soccer field at the Lowes end of the complex.
    2. Field 2 Field 2 runs perpendicular to the bike path, it is between Field 1 and the restrooms at the Lowes end of the complex.

    Athens Soccer Complex

    Athens Soccer Complex is located in Athens, Ohio between Walmart and Lowes. It is accessible via East State Street and the Athens Bike Path. Currently games are played at the Lowes end of the complex.

  4. Sub Locations

    1. Field 1
    2. Field 2

    Ohio University Intramural Fields

    Ohio University Intramural Fields - located off Mill Street

  5. Address

    50 South Green Drive
    Athens, OH 45701

    Ohio University Walter Fieldhouse

    Ohio University Walter Fieldhouse is an Indoor Artifical turf facility located on campus between Peden Stadium and the Ping Center. Parking is available on weekends and after hours in the Purple lot directly opposite the Fieldhouse. There is limited parking directly in front of the field house.

    Fieldhouse rental is strictly managed, players should arrive with enough time to gear up and be ready to walk onto the fields about 5 minutes prior to the start time. Players are expected to leave the fields when instructed.

    Cleats or Indoor shoes can be used at the facility.

  6. Address

    The Plains Community Park, Connett Road
    The Plains, OH 45780

    Sub Locations

    1. Small Field (Youth) The Small Field is for use with portable goals. It is located at the back of the park directly adjacent to the playground.
    2. Soccer Field #1 Soccer Field #1
    3. Soccer Field #2 Soccer Field #2

    The Plains Community Park

    The Plains Community Park is located directly across the road from the Elementary School in The Plains. The Park is located on Connett Road in The Plains. It is approximately 8-9 minutes from Athens and approximately 10 minutes from the Athens Soccer Complex. 

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